LMNOP 2017 Holiday Mixer & Challenge

Holiday Festivals are happening. It is the time when we like to invite all of our Friends, old and new, to come and enjoy an evening with us in good company. 





This year LMNOP is continuing  ABC Design Challenge. Prizes will be awarded and are sponsored by Knoll, Aerotek and SPK Lewis Construction.  


After the Holiday mixer, all donated ornaments will be delivered with a holiday tree to "The Bridge," a supportive house for young men recovering from addiction and/or mental illness. 


Shaw Contract is our event host with co-hosts Architectural Flooring Resource & Skyline Design.

When: 12/12 @ 6pm

Where: Shaw Contract 853 Broadway NYC, NY 10003

RSVP: www.lmnopnyc.org

Dedar Milano | Screenshot Project

Dedar Milano | Screenshot Project

Looking to mark 40 years producing head-turning textiles, Dedar brought together the designer Martino Gamper and photographer Brigitte Niedermair, long-time friends but never collaborators. A slow-loading Google search led the pair to hidden patterns, an accidental index of artists and their favourite colours. Dedar fixed these patterns on remarkable fabrics and Gamper gave them form and volume. The results are a fitting tribute to a history of innovation, hand-craft and a commitment to the creative spirit. And, more than anything, proof that there’s power in a union.

Excerpted from an article in Wallpaper magazine.

For more information on this wonderful creative collaboration reach out to: daniel.tillman@c3design.info

Dedar + Hermes | Fall Collection

The Dedar and Hermes fall collections are here. These are two beautiful collections showing a concise and tight design aesthetic from both houses. Dedar brings some extraordinary sheers as well as complicated and striking weaves and Hermes builds on the past two collections. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to see and touch what is possible when you push mills.

Weaves 101

Dedar Milano uses a great many weaves to produce their luxurious textiles. Occasionally I'll post some off the more interesting ones. This post deals with a Lampas Brocade

Lampas is a type of luxury fabric with a background weft (a "ground weave") typically in taffeta with supplementary wefts (the "pattern wefts") laid on top and forming a design, sometimes also with a "brocading weft". Lampas is typically woven in silk, and often has gold and silver thread enrichment. Lampas weaves were developed around 1000 CE. Beginning late in the 17th century western lampas production began centered in Lyon, France, where an industry of providing for French and other European courts became centered.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like more information

*definition courtesy of Wikipedia

Jerry Pair Leather

Jerry Pair Leather

Protected Hides:

Protected leather is a full grain leather that is dyed for color and receives pigment to ensure color consistency. The pigment also ensures fade resistance, which helps the leather wear less over time. A clear water-based topcoat is also applied to these hides for additional protection. Protected leathers are easy to maintain and have maximum resistance to wear, soiling, and fading from light. Also, the natural imperfections of these hides are less noticeable. These leathers are priced competitively and are great for contract and high traffic areas. 


Bulls Eye, Cow Tao, Dairy Queen, Sacred Cow, Milky Way, Cosmoo, In The Moo'd, Cattlelac, Like No Udder, Moo La La, Star Grazing

LMNOP Workshop

Project Cost for Interiors: The Basics for the A+D Professional

Please join LMNOP and President and Founder, Jennifer Graham who will be presenting one of our core topics "Project Cost for Interiors: The Basics for the A&D Professional".

Jennifer will review the basics of what all A&D professional need to know about the components of the total project costs for interiors.  

This session addresses these questions and more:

  • What is the breakdown of the total project budget? Between construction budget, client costs, furniture and consultant fees?
  • What are hard and soft costs; capital improvement versus non-capital improvement?
  • Understanding the details of a construction budget, quantity survey, trades, fees, general conditions, insurance.
  • Hidden project costs - what you need to know, be aware of and understand.

There will be generous time for comments, questions and sharing.

This is an accredited IDCEC CEU workshop.  The cost to all participants will be $25.  We anticipate lively discussion and so we look forward to your participation.

When: 2/28 from 6pm-8pm


Office Resources NYC

1501 Broadway, #802

NYC, NY 10036

RSVP: www.lmnopnyc.org