C3 Design llc

Formed in 2009, after many years working with Fortune 500 firms as well as boutique manufacturers. 

C3 Design llc looks for and promotes interesting and unique design, as well as designing and fabricating bespoke textile wall pieces.



Newest Collection: Indigo Calico   This collection comes out of an immersion in both  shibori dye and hand printing textile methodology.  Generations of textile artisans, worldwide,  have engaged in these timeless techniques.

Newest Collection: Indigo Calico

This collection comes out of an immersion in both

shibori dye and hand printing textile methodology.

Generations of textile artisans, worldwide,

have engaged in these timeless techniques.

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AJK Design Studio

Design Experience

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Annie Kantor earned her B.F.A. in Textile Design in 1994. Her professional experience in the contract textile industry includes designing woven upholstery and panel fabrics, most recently as Head of Custom Studio at Maharam. Currently based in Oakland, California, she brings her textile-design expertise to the realm of metal via AJK Design Studio Inc.

Inspiration to Innovate

Frustrated by the lack of enticing designs in metal while seeking elements for a personal architectural project, Annie discovered an opportunity to apply her expertise in repeating-pattern design to develop a line of interior custom metal work. From that impetus originated a series of custom heat registers and vents, inspired by and created with tools linked to the textile industry.
Today she brings her signature designs and custom creations to architects and interior designers who want every detail to matter.

From Eureka Moment to Creation

The process begins with inspiration from her surroundings and a general awareness of patterns in her environment. Whether inspired by a shadow on a tennis court or based on the design of a striking tiled floor in Istanbul, each design starts with a hand-drawn sketch or painting. This important step ensures a bit of her own hand in the finished product. The artwork is scanned into a CAD program specifically configured for textile designers, which is ideal for creating patterns in repeat. The final product, manufactured in the US, utilizes either precision laser or water-jet technology as a means of cutting her patterns out of metal.


Baker Hesseldenz Studio




Baker Hesseldenz Studio

Tucson-based Baker Hesseldenz Studio, designer of dramatic luxury furniture and interiors, infuses refined elegance with a hint of rebellion. Partners in work and in life, the principals bring seeming opposite influences to the brand’s design approach. Scott Baker hails from generations of classically-trained furniture designers; Mary Ann Hesseldenz comes out of ‘70s fashion and punk rock. The collection, at once boldly confident and discreet, offers unexpected solutions for high end residential, hospitality and executive spaces.

Baker Hesseldenz Studio represents a multitude of disciplines and skill sets, beyond that of luxury furniture design.  We are a multifaceted family of passionate individuals with backgrounds in all areas of design, from fashion and interior design, to art curation and graphic photography, to woodworking and architectural design.  Each one of us is a craftsman in our own right, and it is through our individual capacities that we are able to work towards something that can be considered simultaneously timeless and modern.  Our studio's work directly represents the multi-cultured interests of the individuals that compose it.  We are firm believers that design influences culture, culture shapes values, and values determine our future.  Together, we endeavor to continuously hone and push our capabilities to the limit, whether that be in the realm of traditional hand craft, or through advancements in fabrication technologies.  In a focus of design where 'originality' is often times scarce, we hope that Baker Hesseldenz Studio can always offer something refreshingly unique.


C3 Workroom


C3 Design llc specializes in the design and fabrication of felt and textile based materials for various applications. We are also adept at those last minute pillows that every project needs. I would love to discuss your next project with you.


Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens



Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

IIDA Sustainable Quilt Auction

IIDA Sustainable Quilt Auction

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We are known for our constant innovation and unique ability to translate design concepts across an extensive range of decorative materials, including fabrics, wallcoverings, glazing solutions, solid finishes and acoustic products. Catering to both the commercial and residential markets, we work collaboratively with specifiers on projects of any scale, to deliver the highest quality product with short production lead times, and the assurance of a completely bespoke outcome.



Grafton Rug Company


The Grafton Rug Company produces bespoke hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs, to your specifications. Working with silk, wool, nylon, and other fibers to develop the design, that you envision, in the materials that work best for your space.


Recent News: Just added Wilton Carpets to the group. Let me know if I could put together budget numbers on an upcoming project. You'll be pleasantly surprised.



HC-28 Furniture

HC-28 Furniture

HC-28 Furniture


HC-28 Furniture

HC28 prides itself as one of the pioneering high-end modern furniture brands from China. By introducing a unique blend of the Eastern world meeting its Western counterpart, the collection offers the best of the two cultures : true design innovation and sheer creativity from the West serviced by exceptional craftsmanship and a deep commitment to refinement from the East, rarely achieved at the level. As a result, HC28 is regarded as a rare example of timeless modernity and genuine elegance.


Since the late 90's, Jianwei LI and the Fargo Group have been working hand in hand specializing in the distribution of leading contemporary design brands from France and Italy on the Chinese market. In 2006, they put together a multinational team of experts in furniture design, distribution and production to create HC28. Hence the concept of this new line and its brand name : HC28.The name HC28 is simple yet meaningful : the brand introduces a 'Home Collection' concept reflecting a sense of refinement and harmonious modernity. As for 28, it refers to the location of its first manufacture which had been originally located precisely 28km east of the Forbidden City in Beijing!


Philomela is a California based design studio specializing in original, hand-drawn, painted and printed, expertly formatted textiles for interiors. Our bold, intricate patterns balance delicacy with daring and bring a sense of celebration into every space. 

The collection mixes antagonistic styles and conventions: baroque & modern, word & image, highbrow & downtown, hand constructed & digitally manipulated in a libertine mix of West Coast hedonism. 

Dual workshops amplify the natural/cultural, rural/urban mix revealing the shimmering energy of two delightfully different environments. The Sea Ranch Studio expands upon Northern California's sensuous natural abundance bringing a respectful stewardship of the land indoors. Equally influential is the vibrant eclectic culture of our L.A. based studio.


Philomela themes layered in wallpapers and fabrics infuse interiors with a liveliness and sense of deep connection. See our considerable catalog of @ 200+ carefully constructed and unique patterns here. 

Beauty and utility are mutually generative. The applications of Philomela are limited only by the imagination. We enjoy collaborating with architects, interior and furniture, clothing and product designers on everything from on-site to event-specific projects. 


Ricca Design

Ricca Design_Tubini.jpg

Ricca Design

Ricca was founded in 2014 by Pierluigi Biasiolo and Roberto Ricca whose experiences in the international markets inspire them to select the best talents in design. 

Ricca is much more than a lighting company. It is the bridge between different worlds, different way of life. It is the ideal link between the genius of our designs and the ancient art of the Maestri

Ricca is a division of OR Illuminazione, a family owned company located in the Province of Venice and dedicated to the production of Crystal and Murano Glass lighting solutions.  

Ricca production is entirely Made in Italy in the respect of the highest quality standard and working conditions.


C3 Made



We end up making additional pieces for designers, on request. At the end of a project they may ask about pillows, phone cases, iPad sleeves or felt boxes. It was suggested that we begin posting these for sale. Above is the first image and more will be added as we develop them.

If you are interested in having us develop something for you or your organization please don’t hesitate to reach out and lets talk about it. You can contact me using the contact page or just email me.

Daniel Tillman | daniel.tillman@c3design.info


iPad or Surface Sleeve

Made to order: $25.00